Q&A Notes: Git / Source Control

Table of Contents

1. From your PC

  1. How do you open Git Bash within your repository folder locally?
  2. How do you check what branches are in your repository?
  3. What is the command to create a new branch?
  4. What is the command to switch to an existing branch?
  5. Before starting a new branch, you should check out which branch and pull latest?
  6. How do you add changed files?
  7. How do you commit your changes?
  8. How do you push your changes to the server from your local computer?
  9. How do you pull changes from the server to your local computer.
  10. How do you identify merge conflict regions in a file?
  11. When you get this error, the yellow hint text tells you what to do to resolve it. What command do you run to resolve this error? c3_u04_GitSourceControl_error.png
  12. What is a .gitignore file?
  13. What kind of files should be ignored?

2. From GitLab

  1. List out the steps to create a merge request on the gitlab website.
  2. How do you double check that your code files were added properly within a merge request?

Author: Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Created: 2023-09-10 Sun 17:15